Wednesday, October 15, 2008

An unwelcome diagnosis

Most of you reading this will already know that last July, following a biopsy, I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer ( ).
Yes that's the big C, in my childhood that was often a death sentence, for once, fortunately, I am not a child anymore, in terms of years anyway.
Today, it depends hugely on what kind of cancer you have and tons of other factors.
So, what do I have? The most benign form (T2C tumor) that means no symptoms, undetectable by digital exam (yeah, for those who haven't had that its fun) and only detected by PSA & biopsy. I had been getting PSA's over the years and saw a gradual rise from 3.0 to 4.5. At 4.0 little alarm bells go off and so 3 months later a second PSA test ( showed a continued rise.
I knew that I would need to become educated  and with the help of family (most important) and friends and the internet (Johns Hopkins and UCSF are world renown cancer centers) I have. I decided early that my preferred course would be RADICAL LIFESTYLE change. It means diet, stress reduction (in my opinion the most likely cause for me) and exercise.
My closest friend and partner, Jacques, came to the rescue with rigorous and profound research and, for those that know him no surprise, an innovative different way of fighting back. Its called an Alkaline diet and I bought into it. With twice a day yoga, exercise and the new diet I felt I would be on the right track.
I was gratified that my UCSF surgeon supported the notion although wouldn't comment on the radicalism. How radical?
No wine, no beer, no fruit (except lemon, lime and water mellon) no yeast,  no chocolate, no dairy, no meat, no fish ... the rest, mostly vegetable juices, raw vegetables, some nuts, buckwheat etc...
Motivation is a wonderful thing and I stuck to the diet 99% of the time, exercise 75%, yoga 80%.
First result is I lost 27 pounds without effort, I can't drink anymore it tastes horrible (except whiskey) and don't miss any of the other stuff ... I truly love gallons of fresh vegetable juice.

Anyway, blah, blah blah ....

Today I got the results of my first PSA test ... 3.45!!!!! A fabulous result, no slight change, no small reversal or flattening of the curve, which would have been nice, a dramatic, large reversal. I am jazzed!!!
Thanks for reading.